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FREE shipping for orders $150.00+ (US Only)

The Mexican Grilling MasterClass.
Three Days Bootcamp Of Grilling Mastery | San Antonio, TX | 2nd, 3rd, 4th August

Learn and master the different grilling techniques and methods and become a grill expert.

This three days bootcamp is completely hands-on and will go over grill cooking techniques, fuels, grill, tools, different proteins, and general important information related to grill and live fire cooking.

What´ll you learn?

  • How to light charcoal or wood
  • How to maintain and control temperatures in any kind of grill
  • How to choose and use the correct grill for the best steak 
  • How to know the right doneness of your steak in any kind of cut, beef or pork.
  • How to do the best salsa with 5 ingredients
  • How to cold smoke
  • How to make Mexican style carnitas
  • Indirect heat and direct heat
  • How to cook on a spit “estaca or pastor” 
  • How to get the best out of your ceramic grill (Big Green Egg)
  • How to smoke and how to choose the best wood for the protein we’re cooking
  • Traditional Mexican desserts techniques 
  • How to make Northeast Mexican style beef head barbacoa 
  • How to make and create authentic Mexican salsas
  • How to cook the most iconic dish in the Northeast region of Mexico, “cabrito al pastor” (suckling goat on a spit)
  • How to grill chicken obtaining juicy and tender meat
  • How to pick the pork cuts
  • How to make Yucatán style cochinita pibil
  • How to make the best braised pork shanks
  • How to make carne asada without a grill
  • How to cure and use a molcajete
  • How to differentiate between all beef cuts
  • Beef qualities

Why choose this workshop?

  • Discover the SMP method, an all hands-on method where we divide the group into 4 teams in which you and your team will cook all the recipes using all kinds of grills and techniques.
  • You don’t have to bring anything with you, we got you cover on the beers, ingredients and anything you need to enjoy this experience.
  • If you like, you can bring your own beer, tequila, mezcal and whiskey with you.
  • We will guide you in every step of the way.You will receive a pretty cool welcome kit with an apron, a 100% cotton towel, a hat and a commemorative pin of the workshop.
  • We are the creators and organizers of the largest grilling competition in Latin America held in Monterrey, Mexico, the Grill Master HEB. If you want to learn more about it, click here.
  • We are the Largest and fastest growing community of grilling and fire enthusiasts around the world.
  • We do more than 145 workshops per month all over Mexico.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Grill and barbecue enthusiasts.
  • To anyone who’s interested in taking the passion of fire to the next level.
  • Amateurs or experts on the subject, we never stop learning .
  • To anyone who wants to get started on the fascinating world of grilling and barbecue.
  • Professionals in the industry, cooks, chefs who want to expand their knowledge on the pro of their business.
  • To anyone who wants to create bonds with their family and friends around fire.
  • To anyone who wants to relate with other grilling enthusiasts around the world.


The course went by very quickly and in a very enjoyable way, you don't even feel the hours pass, the facilities are excellent, all the equipment they provide is super professional, and the Grill Master is very patient and professional. It's definitely worth it.

The course was top-notch, the food, the techniques, the service. Highly recommended.

Most importantly: You'll have a great time, have fun, converse, and there are also beers included ;), you will eat delicious things that you made yourself (of course with the guidance of the Grill Master). As a barbecue fan, I enjoyed it a lot, but it's also a very pleasant social activity, a different afternoon in a very nice place. Plus, we learned several interesting things that I will definitely apply in my day-to-day to make my barbecues and "carne asadas" better and better. Amazing experience!

An opportunity to learn a new menu, very well designed to my taste, but I emphasize the magic of the flavors, of course, I will continue taking more courses.

Great experience overall, each plate was delicious and each better than the last one, shoutout to the staff for the amazing service.

A 100% recommended experience, it has brought us together as a family, now we practice the recipes on weekends and we improve our grilling skills



  • Flip and flop chuck eye steak with chile piquín salsa - Soft meat cut from the chuck roll with a salsa made out of a chile from Tabasco, Mexico.

  • Chuck roll cracklings with guacamole - Diced chuck roll fried in pork lard with a Mexican style guacamole.

  • Reverse sear denver steak roll- Meat cut from the chuck roll with a reverse sear cooking technique.

  • Oakwood smoked picaña with charred salsa - Famous for its flavor, smoked for a long period of time to intensify flavors with a Mexican style salsa.

  • 6” bone-in ribeye with beef butter and garlic tangy salsa - Whole rib eye piece with garlic butter.

  • Banana bread - Banana bread with dulce de leche salsa.


  • Beef head barbacoa - Northeast Mexican style barbacoa slow cooked in maguey leaves

  • Green salad with homemade vinaigrette and cremini mushrooms - Salad with homemade vinaigrette and mushrooms

  • Pork crackling empalmes with refried beans and SMP Rub del Norte Liquid Base - Northeast  Mexico recipe with pork cracklings and refried beans in pork lard
  • Suckling goat al pastor - Northeast Mexican style cabrito al pastor cooked with embers

  • Beer-can chicken with Grill Master Rub SMP - Grilled chicken with a technique to preserve the meat juiciness

  • Buñuelo with cold-smoked mascarpone cheese and apple jam - Typical Mexican dessert with cold smoked cheese with a homemade apple jam.


  • Pork picanha taco with habanero salsa verde - Thin picanha slices in a corn tortilla with a homemade salsa

  • Matambre (rose meat) volcán with refried beans and habanero salsa verde - Located between the pork neck and ribs on a corn tostada and refried beans in pork lard

  • Pork belly pibil - Yucatán traditional recipe; pork wrapped in banana leaf with a marinade.

  • Pork spare ribs with aguachile salsa - Revolutionary pork cut with a traditional Sinaloa salsa

  • Beer braised pork shanks with mash potatoes and cranberries sauce - Part of the pork ham in slow cooking with beer, fried smashed potatoes with butter and SMP Rub Rojo Liquid Base

  • Suckling pig al pastor - Pork breeding, soft and tender meat. Traditional Mexican recipe

  • Upside-down pear pie - Dessert with crackled dough, soften peat with butter and sugar in an upside down layer

Who is Alejandro Gutiérrez?

From Monterrey, Mexico, he’s 38 years old. Industrial Designer by the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM), Monterrey Campus. 

He is the president and cofounder of Sociedad Mexicana de Parrilleros, a company creating memorable gastronomic experiences around fire since 2012.

Creator and producer of Grill Master HEB, the largest grilling championship in Latin America. Author of twelve books, including the fifth edition of the cookbook El Fuego Nos Une, which obtained 2nd place as BEST BBQ BOOK OF THE YEAR granted by the NATIONAL BARBECUE AND GRILLING ASSOCIATION. He has given over 2,000 workshops and he is also a TEDX speaker.

Captain of Mexico’s BBQ Team, winner of the 2nd place in the Shoulder category at the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest Memphis in May in its 2021 edition and 3rd place in the Beef category in its 2022 edition.

Recently named contributor of the book Larousse Grandes Chefs Mexicanos FUEGO.

▶︎ Learn more about Alejandro Gutiérrez here