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Grill Master HEB history

First Edition. 2012

Alejandro Gutiérrez wants to participate in a grill contest in Mexico. By realizing that it doesn’t exist, he decided to create one alongside his girlfriend Gabriela Garza. The event was on August 25th at Hacienda Cristales, Carretera Nacional, Monterrey, N. L. under the name of “Maestro Parrillero”. 13 teams participated and there were a total of 700 attendants. 

Second Edition, the beginning of Grill Master 2013

The event changed its name and the venue now is at the Torres Moradas in Monterrey. This year the national championship Grill Master welcomes 44 teams and 4,000 attendants. The dominoes tournament was held for the first time within the event and the first cow of 150 kilos in Mexico was grilled.

Third Edition. 2014

Second year on a row at the Torres Moradas and we welcome 50 teams and 5,500 attendants. Grill Master consolidates as the most important Grilling championship in Mexico.

Fire Master Show. 2015

With an exponential growth, the Arena Monterrey opens its doors to Grill Master, becoming the venue of the event for the next 4 years. We received 61 teams and 12,000 attendants. This year, during the championship, the concept of Fire Master Show was born with a discada of 500 kilos.

Grill Master Circuit. 2016

The Fire Master Show becomes one of the most important attractions at the Grill Master by including over 2,500 kilos of food. This year the championship welcomes 66 teams and 15,000 attendants.

Grill Master Circuit. 2017


Teams from the United States, Argentina, Chile, among others incorporated to the event. having a total of 71 teams and 18,000 attendants.

Grill Master HEB by Bud Light. 2018


With a prize bag never seen before of over $2,000,000.00 MXN in prizes and consolidated as the Latinamerica’s biggest Grilling Championship, Grill Master welcomes 74 teams from all around Mexico and different countries, having a total of 22,000 attendants.  


Grill Master HEB by Michelob ULTRA. 2019


This year settles a new stage for Grill Master and the SMP: the event changes its venue to the Parque SMP at Santiago, Nuevo León, a land of 12 hectares surrounded by nature. The venue creates the perfect atmosphere to receive 100 teams and 28,000 attendants. Also, we opened the biggest chapter ever built to date, Capítulo SMP Santigo.


Grill Master HEB by Modelo.2020


Official statement Grill Master HEB by Modelo 2020.


Grill Master HEB by Modelo 2021


We are waiting for you at the Parque SMP with our doors open, lighted charcoal, and with the commitment of giving you the best grilling championship ever made. Today, more than ever, fire unites us.


This is how we lived Grill Master HEB by Michelob 2019

Grill Master HEB by Michelob Ultra 2019 took place on August 31st and September 1st at its new venue, Parque SMP, Santiago, N. L. A space surrounded by nature.

The grilling championship welcomed 100 grilling teams that shared passion for fire,with a group of over 65 judges and the families who attended to this event, which was consolidated as the biggest in Latinamerica. 

The Parque SMP and Capítulo Santiago opened their doors and received 28,000 attendants who enjoyed over 5,000 kilos of meat made on both days. They also shared with us live music, dominoes and foosball tournament, children’s area, the championship Grill Master Junior HEB for young grill enthusiasts, dog agility competition, sponsors activities, exhibitors area, and much more.

If you want to know more about this experience, we invite you to see the following videos.

This is how we lived it on Saturday August 31st.

This is how we lived it on Sunday September 1st.

Teams experience.

Grill Master Junior HEB 2019.

Thank you to all our sponsors