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FREE shipping for orders $150.00+ (US Only)
FREE shipping for orders $150.00+ (US Only)

Important Information and Policies

In Sociedad Mexicana de Parrilleros we know the importance of the experience we give in our workshops. Please consider this information to enjoy our workshops for your comfort, security and enjoying at best your time in the workshop.


Punctuality is very important. We ask you to be 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the workshop so you can registry.


It's in the house, you don't have to bring utensils, food or beverage, it's all inclusive.


It's important to wear comfortable clothes and closed footwear, since you're around fire and smoke.


During the workshop you can take pictures and videos and share them on your social media with the hashtags #FireUnitesUS #SMPWorkshops #SoyParrilleroMX



What do I do if I cannot attend the workshop?

Our policies do not allow us to cancel or refund workshops already purchased by the client during the week prior to the workshop. If you want to cancel and receive a refund, let us know before July 15, 2024. 

I want to transfer my tickets. 

In order to transfer your tickets, it is important to notify one week in advance.

Changes, transfers, cancellations or questions?

You can contact us at +52 81 8088 6383 either by phone or WhatsApp, or by e-mail to and

Do I have to pay in one payment?

Not necessarily. You can reserve your place with 50% and complete payment 15 days after the first payment. If your payment is not reflected in these 18 days, your place cannot be separated and the money will be refunded.

If your payment is made by bank transfer, the payment receipt must be sent to indicating the corresponding order number. If this payment is not reflected within 48 hours after the purchase order is generated, the order will be cancelled and your place will be released.


I want to change or trespass my workshop, what can I do?

Reschedule a new date

You can use the paid balance in another scheduled workshop. You have three months to confirm your attendance to another scheduled workshop, which you can see at the SMP Workshop section in our webpage

After this established period of time, we can't make changes and there will not be a refund. To re-schedule, you must answer your confirmation email requesting your new workshop and wait for our confirmation. No refunds. The change of date will be subject to availability of places in the workshop you wish to reschedule.

Please note that even though you have up to three months to confirm your attendance to another workshop, in case you want to reschedule a workshop you have already purchased, you must let us know no more than 24 hours prior to the worksop you purchased in a schedule of Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.. This way, we have the opportunity to open a place in that course.

I want to attend a more expensive workshop.


In case the workshop you wish to reschedule is more expensive, the difference must be paid at least one week before the workshop by electronic transfer to the SMP account. The change of date will be subject to availability of places in the course you wish to reschedule.

Transfer my place in the workshop.

You can transfer your place in the workshop you purchased to any person of your choice, you just have to notify this change up to 24 hours before the corresponding workshop on Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. In case you notify us of the transfer after the aforementioned period, your place in the course will still be available but cannot be transferred to a third party. If you do not attend the course, there will be no refund.

I have more questions.


How is the dynamic of the workshops?

There are several tables with up to 8 people, the participants are in charge of the preparations of each recipe guided by the Grill Expert, who is in charge of the theoretical explanation and practical guide for each time.

Do I have to have experience to take a workshop?

No, you don't need experience to take our grill workshops, you will learn from the basics, from lighting the charcoal to the characteristics of each cut, anatomy of beef and pork, grilling techniques and meat terms.

Do I have to bring anything to the workshop?

No, you don't need to bring anything, we will take care of everything, you just need to be on time.

Can I buy the workshop for someone else?

Yes, you can give this workshop as a gift, you can contact us here to provide us with the information of the person who will attend.

Can minors attend?

Yes, they can attend from 15 years of age accompanied by an adult, remember that during the workshop you will be handling charcoal and knives. It is necessary to sign a responsibility document when registering for the course.