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Grill Master HEB 2024

The Grill Master HEB is the largest and most important championship in Latin America where more than a thousand parrilleros gather to demonstrate their grilling skills and at the same time generate bonds of friendship with parrilleros from all over Mexico, the United States and even other Latin American countries.
Here you can find the spirit of camaraderie that resides in all the teams competing to be the champion. The competition is made to test their skills and knowledge on the grill, demonstrating why they are the best while extolling the richness of Mexican cuisine and culture.
During this weekend we have competitors coming from Nicaragua, Colombia, Guatemala, Argentina, United States and, of course, Mexico, with unique recipes where they will demonstrate why they are the best, surrounded by their friends, family and the good vibes of all our people.
To be a Grill Master Grill HEB champion you must participate in the four main categories: Poultry, Fish and/or Seafood, Pork and Beef. This grill party takes place at the Parque SMP in Santiago, Nuevo León, surrounded by mountains, nature and the best atmosphere you can imagine. This year we will have three days of this great event, each one full of surprises, memorable moments, fellowship and the best energy you can imagine.
On Friday the 16th we welcome the 100 teams that will be part of the Grill Master HEB 2024. This day is free of competition, so that the teams can have fun and enjoy the event before giving the starting flag and be the first to light the fire of the Grill Master HEB. They will be able to mingle with the other teams, get to know each other and have their respective carne asada taco with a cold beer. You can also take a tour of the Mundos Parrilleros that will be part of this event. All this accompanied by the best music. 
On Saturday 17th, the evaluations of the main categories begin, starting with Poultry and Fish and/or Seafood. We close on the 18th, the last day of the competition, where it is now time to present the dishes for the Beef and Pork categories. On this day the new Grill Master HEB champion is crowned. 
Attendees have a lot of activities to do during these days. There is plenty of food and a great atmosphere. We have five Mundos Parrilleros with grills ready to serve you the most delicious food you can imagine. But, what are the Mundos Parrilleros?
  • Mundo Carnes y Vinos by HEB where the best beef meets a good wine, creating a more than good fusion.
  • Mundo El Cerdo y sus Maravillas by PROAN. Learn more about this great animal and why it is more than just ham and bacon.
  • Mundo Noreste for you to get to know the gastronomy of our region and fall in love with it as we are.
  • Mundo La Botana by Tribus del Fuego with preparations that serve to start your appetite or to "bite something" while we go for stronger dishes.
  • Mundo BBQ y Whisky by Glenlivet where there is smoke all day, food and good liquor. Preparations go from brisket to pork belly bites.
  • Soy Parrillero Official Store so you can take home your favorite SMP products and if you don't know us, give us the opportunity to spice up your life.